Before worship

First of all,bow(to God)before you enter the shrine gate.

Wash your mouth and hands to purify before approaching the shrine

The place of purification,“Temizu-sya” is between the shrine gate and Romon(two-story gate).



  1. Take a ladle with your right hand and scoop water, then pour it over your left hand.

  2. Switch the ladle to your left hand and wash your right hand.

  3. Switch the ladle to your right hand again and pour water into your left palm.
  4. Wash your mouth with the water.
  5. Wash your left hand with the remaining water.
  6. Hold the ladle vertically to wash it and put it back.

The manner of worship

Put some coin into the offering box at the main shrine building

Ring the bell

Bow twice deeply and clap your hands together twice. Then, pray by pressing your palms together.
After praying, bow one more time.